Joy provides comprehensive solutions to energy metering and control globally. With a pool of talents, it is able to tailor solution as needed; with the factory sized 26500sqm and automated production lines, it is able to produce up to 2 million units annually. Joy team consists of experts from various backgrounds such as metering, communication and software industries.The team is a multi-national team holding strong global perspectives. As a company with international presence, Joy has built up a number of R&D centres, sales and support centres throughout the world.


Inspur is one of the largest global datacenter and cloud computing solutions provider in the world. Our technological capabilities enable us to deliver full Cloud service stack from Iaas and PaaS to SaaS. We are widely recognized as the leaders in computing and server hardware design and production, and work with more than 1,000 enterprises around the world in end to end HPC, cloud computing, and private and public cloud management.

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