ODDUU Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions bring high-availability, secure IT services to life – with huge benefits for large-scale operations such as corporations, schools, universities etc.

It is based on a platform-independent architecture that enables users to run Windows 7, Windows 10, and Linux desktop environments using cloud technology in a way that enables a person to experience a full desktop computing environment without having to purchase traditional CPU and extra peripherals. This technology will reduce the cost of owning a desktop exponentially closing the gap of “Digital Divide” in Bangladesh – it’s a cost-effective way to promote the IT sector initiatives in your organization.

ODDUU Limited has developed solutions to help businesses and educational institutions stay ahead of the curve by implementing a VDI solution focused on your requirements helping you to overcome their limitations and increase productivity. Our solution can easily be deployed in any business and/or educational institution exponentially cutting down the cost to build an IT infrastructure. This technology can be integrated with your existing environment or independently and is applicable for all sizes of IT infrastructures and provides a cost-effective solution to access the full functionality of a desktop at a fraction of the cost.

With the rise of cloud computing in the world and the advancements in IT, ODDUU provides an inexpensive solution to address the challenges and provides the solution to meet the growing needs of the world. With a wide range of prospects available, ODDUU Limited VDI will help you to fully utilize the benefits of cloud technology.

ODDUU Limited’s Private Cloud Implementation creates a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI, in its adaptation of virtualized server technology. Using enterprise virtualization products like Citrix XenServer, Linux KVM / VMW are hypervisor on the server to create multiple virtual machines with in the server, with each virtual machine containing a user’s data in their operating system, applications, user data and profile. The workload is seamlessly accessed using the ODDUU VDI as a standard desktop PC. By using the ODDUU VDI and Private Cloud (ODDUU Virtualization Server) enterprises of all sizes can provide Desktop as a Service (DAAS). It allows an OS like Microsoft Windows to execute in its own dedicated virtual machine on the server. In this way, multiple user’s applications will not conflict with one another. What’s more, with desktop environments consolidated within the data center, organizations can deliver secure, isolated desktops that are always on, and securely accessible from any time with or without integration with Active Directory.

The largest Virtual Desktop Infrastructure deployment to date is at American International University-Bangladesh with 600 ODDUU VDI’s with a custom Linux-based operating system.