ODDUU Water E-meter

Everything is being digitalized. Why not Water E-meter??Dhaka-WASA is going to be changed as Digital-WASA.ODDUU Ltd with Dhaka WASA is still working with

Bangladesh is going to be changed and this is the time to change technologically having our nation as a digitalized and developed nation. We are thinking about the largest internet of things(IOT) deployment in Bangladesh. This is the another step to go ahead maximizing and implementing the highest technologies. At this regard ODDUU e-meter by us plays the vital role and has brought a revolutionary change in the ICT department participating for digitalization. We are still working with this

This is our process scenario:

Besides giving life easier ODDUU e-meter has established an interconnection between the government and general people. It is our goal to change Dhaka WASA into Digital WASA giving people a hassle-free life creating an opportunity to participate jointly for digitalized nation and digital Bangladesh.

A proper utilization of information and communication technology

This is the time changing from analog to digital.

We are the only one and have confirmed with 500 customers