ODDUU Water E-meter

Everything is being digitalized. Why not Water E-meter billing??Dhaka-WASA is going to be changed as Digital-WASA.ODDUU Ltd, a leading IT family with Dhaka WASA is still working with it

  • Abstructs

  • DWASA Service Meter project is based on Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) enabled water meter. The device is called the “ODDUU e-Meter” and it is a data capture and transmitting terminal based on GPRS and AMR MSU technology. The product is designed to store water consumption data and utilizes GPRS technology to transmit data on regular intervals. The recipient server stores all the information and process the data for the billing system.

  • DWASA Water meter type

  • Types of water meters in DWASA – Zenner, Baylan, Texman
    They come in different shapes and widths but all have AMR provisions which generate a pulse per 100 Litres

  • Water E-meter topology

  • ODDUU E-meter platform

  • Besides giving life easier ODDUU e-meter has established an interconnection between the government and general people. It is our goal to change Dhaka WASA into Digital WASA giving people a hassle-free life creating an opportunity to participate jointly for digitalized nation and digital Bangladesh.

  • A proper utilization of information & communication technology

  • Benifits

  • This is the time changing from analog to digital

  • We are the only one and have successfully deployed our technology to the required number of customers houses