Odduu Health Care Services

  • Lets know About Odduu Healthcare medical services
  • Odduu Health Care is an excellent web application which is a combination of MRS, ELIS, ERP and PACS. This application can store all data centrally and provide data to client through various types of services. This application can store basic information and medical records of whole life of a patient. Mobile application service is also available. Patient can view his / her health history and also can upload his / her health related information through mobile application.

  • Purposes
  • 1.This application is for the automation of Medical Management.
    2.This application maintains various levels of users. The user type is highly configurable in this application.
    3.The application includes:
    Maintaining patient details.
    Providing prescription, precautions, diet advice etc.
    Providing and maintaining all kinds of tests for a patient.
    Billing and report generation.
    4.All data are stored centrally. For this reason patient, nurse and doctor can anytime access patient all information.

  • Scope
  • It can be used in any Hospital, Clinic, Dispensary or Pathology labs for maintaining patient details and their test results through network.

  • Used Technologies
  • This project will be a web application and an android application. The used technologies are given below:
    1.UI: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JSP
    2.Language: Java, JavaScript, Python, Groovy, Ruby
    3.Scripting: Shell Scripting
    4.Framework: AngularJS, Struts, Spring, Hibernate
    5.Database Language: SQL
    6.RDMS: MySQL, PostGRES
    7.Report: Jasper
    8.Others: JSON, Maven, Gradle, REST, Luquibase, ReactJS, ATOM

  • Overview
  • This project is related to Medical Record System (MRS), Electronic Laboratory Information System (ELIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS).
    The project maintains various levels of users:-

    5.Lab Operator
    6.Billing Operator
    7.Data Entry Operator
    9.Any Kinds Of User (Highly Configurable)
    10.Main facilities available in this project are:
    11.Maintaining records of indoor/outdoor patients.
    12.Maintaining patients diagnosis details, advised tests to be done.
    13.Providing different laboratory test facilities to a doctor for diagnosis of patients.
    23.Asitic Fluid
    24.Bronchoscopy Lavage (BAL)
    26.Gastric Lavage (GAL)
    27.Knee Joint Fluid
    28.Peritoneal Fluid
    29.Pleural Fluid
    30.Vaginal Fluid
    31.Other Body Fluids
    35.Synovial Fluid
    37.Providing different radiology test facilities to a doctor for diagnosis of patients.
    39.Chest pa
    41.Chest ap
    42.Chest apical lordotic
    43.Maintaining patient’s injection entry records.
    44.Maintaining patient’s prescription, medicine and diet advice details.
    45.Providing billing details for indoor/outdoor patients.
    46.Maintaining backup of data as per user requirements.
    47.In this project collection of data is from different pathology labs.
    48.Results of tests, prescription, precautions and diet advice will be automatically updated in the database.
    49.Related test reports, patient details report, prescription and billing reports can be generated as per user requirements.
    50.User or Administrator can search a patient’s record by his/her name or their registration identification number.

  • Goals
  • 1.Planned approach towards working: – The working in the organization will be well planned and organized. The data will be stored properly in data stores, which will help in retrieval of information as well as its storage.
    2.Accuracy: – The level of accuracy in the proposed system will be higher. All operation would be done correctly and it ensures that whatever information is coming from the center is accurate.
    3.Reliability: – The reliability of the proposed system will be high due to the above stated reasons. The reason for the increased reliability of the system is that now there would be proper storage of information.
    4.No Redundancy: – In the proposed system utmost care would be that no information is repeated anywhere, in storage or otherwise. This would assure economic use of storage space and consistency in the data stored.
    5.Immediate retrieval of information: – The main objective of proposed system is to provide for a quick and efficient retrieval of information. Any type of information would be available whenever the user requires.
    6.Immediate storage of information: – In manual system there are many problems to store the largest amount of information.
    7.Easy to Operate: – The system should be easy to operate and should be such that it can be developed within a short period of time and fit in the limited budget of the user.

  • System Requirements
  • Odduu Health Care will run smoothly on a server with the following minimum configuration. The following server configuration is for running complete Odduu Health Care with all sub-system, i.e. MRS, ERP and ELIS.
    1.CPU – Quad Core (8 core, if in future you would want to run PACS integration from the same server).
    2.Memory – 8 GB (16 GB, if in future you would want to run PACS integration from the same server).
    3.Hard disk – 500GB (doesn’t include the disk space needed for PACS integration or if you plan to upload a lot of files/images).
    4.CentOS V6.9 64 bit operating system.

  • Constraints
  • GUI is only in English.
    Login and password is used for identification of user and there is no facility for guest.

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